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Friday 13th May – P1

Health Week Fun

Wow! This week we have done so many exciting things from learning new dances like Bollywood, Hula and Ukrainian Hopak, to trying out new sports like yoga and shinty, while also practising those skills needed for sports day! We have also been learning how to keep our bodies and minds healthy too.

Sports Day

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Madine for running sports day this year. We hope all the pupils and parents enjoyed it. Not all pupils in our school have permission to be photographed and due to the team nature of sports day, this became a challenge (!), so below is just a tiny snippet of all of the fun that happened today!


For a more interactive approach to life cycles, we ordered caterpillars for our classroom from Insect Lore.
We have been observing our caterpillars closely, watching them eating their food and getting bigger. A few of the caterpillars have now started their transformation into a chrysalis. Very exciting!


Primary 1 have been learning about all of the different ways you can pay for items such as with coins, paper money, cards and now even with your phone. We are learning to identify coins through their size, shape and colour, and we are beginning to understand that each coin has a different value. Lots of shops have been moving towards becoming ‘cash-less’ and this has sped up since the pandemic. Dust off those coins and have a play at home!

Have a go at playing these games at home

Sort, order and count the coins

Use coins to pay for items

Lots of games on Natwest’s My Money Sense page

Term 3 Overview

To see what we will be covering this term, please click the file below