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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and olay done in the nursery each week! This week we welcomed everyone back from the Easter holidays and welcomed some new children who transitioned from the classroom upstairs to the pre-school classroom.

This week we enjoyed building tall towers and “ our houses” which involved lots of stretching! We made our own picnic areas indoor and outdoor which led to some brilliant imaginary games. We created some colourful puppets and lollipops with our craft materials and painted some lovely pictures!

We also talked about the importance of brushing our teeth and demonstrated our excellent teeth brushing skills. We have been very focussed on animals at the moment and did a great job matching animals with their babies, talking about the different names and playing animal snap.

We have also been talking about the queen’s jubilee and some of our Pre Schoolers even went to visit the Holyrood Palace and have a look around. We were given pointers to look out for when the queen is there; the fountain being on, the red yellow and blue flag and the guards marching up and down.

We also enjoyed an early Eid celebration in the school with lots of dancing and yummy food. Thank you to all the families who made delicious food for us and who participated in the festivities! Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate!

The parent consultations will begin on the week beginning 9th May please speak to your child’s key worker for further details. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and please feel free share any pictures of family activities and weekend activities on the Learning journals.