Primary 5 Blog

March in Primary 5

Primary 5 have been very busy with their learning during March. Below are some highlights and our weekly review. 


Dear Primary 5 families,

Please note that there is no written homework next week. Due to the May holidays at the start of the summer term, the first homework issued will be on the 9th of May. 

Over the next few weeks in school, we shall be focusing on our FLUENCY in our times tables. Please take the opportunity to practise them verbally at home. This week we have focused on the 3 and 6 times tables. Next week, we shall focus on the 4 and 8 times tables. 

The overview for our learning this week is below: 

Spelling:  I can practise my spelling words in a range of activities. I know that if there is a consonant before the y, I change the ending to ies. I know that adding an e to the end of a word can change the sound: e.g. bit -> bite

Expressive Arts: I can work collaboratively with my dance group. I can perform my dance to the class. I can be a respectful audience. I can interpret a folk story through drama. I can consider my body language and expression on stage. I can convey emotion through words, tone and body language. 

Numeracy: I can divide whole numbers using my knowledge of my times tables. I can solve word problems by breaking down what the question is asking me. I know my 3 and 6 times tables fluently. I can recall division facts about the 3 and 6 times tables. I can divide larger numbers and explain my thinking. 

Maths: I can organise data into a frequency table. I can use tallies correctly. I can organise information into a Venn Diagram. 

Social Studies:. I can explain an interesting fact from my research of an African country. I am learning about the rare species of animals on Madagascar. I can discuss what an endangered species is. 

Writing: I can plan my story using a support structure. I can plan a key event in my story. I can write the climax of my story using descriptive language. I can add detail to interest my reader. 

RME: I know the story of the Last Supper. I can discuss the painting by Leonard Da Vinci. 

HWB: I can identify trusted adults who can help when I have a worry or a question. I build confidence in my own feelings and judgements about what feels safe/unsafe or okay/not okay for me. I understand what empathy and human dignity means. I can explain how to support others who may be in a bullying situation.