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P3 Homework 30th March 2022

Hello everyone! Yesterday P3 brought home the “Homework Bag” with the new activities for this week. Please remember:

* The Reading Books should be brought to school everyday. On the following Monday, the books will stay at school so we can change them by new ones for Tuesday.
* I would like them to bring their completed homework back to school before or on the following Monday, so I can check it and use it as another source to identify areas in which they need support during the lessons.

This week there is only one piece of homework:
Reading – new book, and activities to practice vocabulary and/or develop their comprehension skills.
If there is any homework from previous weeks still at home, they can use this week to finish and bring it to school.

**Try to remind them to bring their homework bags before Tuesday. Please, check if there are books at home from previous weeks. Thanks!

If you have any questions, or need an electronic copy of this week’s homework, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Have a great week!
Ms Sola