Primary 1 Blog

Tuesday 29th March – P1

Rugby Week

Mr Madine and Primary 1 had a great time celebrating Rugby Week, learning how to pass and catch a rugby ball and work as a team.


We have now finished our block of gymnastics. We have practised lots of travelling, balancing, rolling and of course jumping!

Art Gallery Sneak Peek

We have been working towards two pieces of art for our school art gallery, this year titled ‘Our Diverse Community’. Below you can see our second piece in progress. We have been focussing on observational drawing, taking note of the lines, shapes and colours.


We started off our new topic of water with an overnight science experiment. What happens to water when it freezes? The water turned to ice and we noticed that the water grew! This expansion is one reason for the pot holes we see in the roads due to freeze/thaw.


Morgan demonstrated her knowledge of the life cycle of a plant with the fabulous chalk drawing outside.

Using magnets and wool, Soni created this system on the whiteboard, where he could tighten and loosen the string by twisting. It gained lots of interest from the class!

Giraffe News

Sadly, as you can see below, we did not win the competition however… Well done to Primary 4 who did! We are still excited that we will have a giraffe [statue] visit our school!

The Queen’s Jubilee

Holyrood Education centre has invited us to take part in a workshop for the Queen’s Jubilee on Tuesday 26th April (just after the Easter holidays).

The day will consist of;

  • Introduction at Education Centre
  • Visit to the palace
  • Bunting workshop
  • Invitations to visit the gardens.

School Resources for the Platinum Jubilee, 2022 (

As per normal, please wear school uniform and bring a waterproof coat.

This Week


We are hoping, weather depending, to do some outdoor learning today!


We are expecting a routine visit from the school nurses at 9:30am.

Bus Tour – Thursday

We will be taking part in a trial open top bus tour with Cobble the Scottie Dog which launches to the public on 2/4/22.

The bus tour will take place this Thursday 31/3/22 from 1.30-2.30 during school time.

Please wear school uniform and bring a waterproof coat/hat.