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Science Week in Primary 5

Last week was British Science Week and Primary 5 explored a range of pertinent questions in relation to the theme of Growth. You can read about our experiments and findings below: 

To grow a balloon with no hands or breath. 

To observe the grow of gummy bears in water via osmosis. 

To compare whether fertiliser affects the growth of our cress seeds. 

To grow our own sugar crystals. 

This experiment is the one we felt most excited about. We think that the stunted crystal growth could be because we were cautious of boiling water and sugar and therefore waited a while before adding the mixture to the beakers. This theory is influenced by the following facts: it was the only thing we did differently from the video we watched, the green beaker is showing the best growth and was the first one we poured, so it would have been the hottest.

If you would like to try this at home, the method and the link to the video is in a PDF below.