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Primary 5 Learning Overview 14th of March

Spelling:  I can practise my spelling words in a range of activities. I know that if there is a vowel before a -y, you add an -s for plural. I know that adding an e to the end of a word can change the sound: e.g. mat -> mate

Expressive Arts: I can express my sense of community through art. I can use repeating patterns to frame my work. I can use a range of materials to enhance the appearance of my piece. 

Numeracy: I can use strategies to divide bigger numbers. I can find a fraction of a number. I can use concrete materials to split groups.  I can explain my working. 

Maths: I can gather data on my hand size. I can represent that data in a frequency table. I can find the average. I can find the mode and median. I am starting to learn what these words mean. I can discuss my findings. 

Social Studies:. I can design a poster to advertise the use of climate friendly transport.

Science: I can identify and use 6 enquiry approaches for an experiment. I can write up my experiment in a clear, logical factual way. I can my predictions about what I will observe and reflect on my findings. 

Writing: I understand what a character is. I can discuss and describe characters in a well known book. I can create a character of my own and explain what they are like. I can introduce my character in a setting. 

Reading: I can read and discuss an unseen text. I can answer comprehension questions. I can use full sentences with capital letters and full stops. 

RME: I can reflect on the impact of Jesus’ teaching on Christian beliefs. I can relate this to my own ideas and views.

HWB: I can discuss my community and how I feel I belong. 

HOMEWORK: Spelling Patterns: IVORY: Plurals ending -ys.   BLUE: -a-e. 

Maths: I can find a half. I can find a half and a quarter.