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Primary 5 Learning Overview 7th of March

Spelling:  I can practise my spelling words in a range of activities. 

Expressive Arts: I can express my sense of community through art. I can use techniques I have learned to make my art appear 3D. I can use a range of materials to enhance the appearance of my piece. 

Numeracy: I can find a half, quarter, third, fifth etc of a number using my knowledge of my times tables. I can use concrete materials for division. I can show my working out of division problems on paper. I can explain my strategies. I can apply my knowledge of my times tables to longer division problems. I am starting to think about how percentages and fractions relate to one another. 

Maths: I can use my knowledge of my timestables to 10 to solve different problems. I can collect information using tally marks and present it in a frequency table.  I can draw a bar graph with a ruler. I can label my bar graph appropriately. I can use an appropriate scale accurately. 

Social Studies: I can discuss transport methods around the UK and Scotland. I understand the importance of infrastructure for trade. I can identify types of transport that are better for the environment. I can design a poster to advertise the use of climate friendly transport. 

Writing: I understand what a character is. I can discuss and describe characters in a well known book. I can create a character of my own and explain what they are like. I can introduce my character in a setting. 

Reading: I can discuss key events of the class novel. I can explain what has happened. I am starting to think about why characters behave the way they do. I can describe a key character from the novel. I can use full sentences in my answers. I can use my opinion in my answers. 

RME: I can reflect on the impact of Jesus’ teaching on Christian beliefs. I can relate this to my own ideas and views.

HWB: I can identify how I feel part of a community. 

HOMEWORK: Spelling Patterns: IVORY: Plurals ending os/oes.   BLUE: oo.  Maths: I can interpret the information in a bar graph.