Primary 1 Blog

Monday 28th February

Mental Arithmetic Focus

We are now on to the blue section of our Mental Arithmetic Rainbow.

Below is a home learning sheet. Level 1 is designed for Primary 1. If your child completes it, feel free to try the next level!

We have been looking at partitioning numbers into two groups this week. We have first been looking at making two equal groups starting with equal in shape then moving into number groupings.

Can you find different ways to share the bears? Watch the number sentences being created at the top

Can you share the bones equally between the puppies?

Sharing a number equally in half can help us learn our doubles

Try pausing this and shouting out the number on the dice

Friendship Terrace  

This is a series of sessions designed to teach friendship skills. It is based on ten stories about characters who live on ‘Friendship Terrace’.

This programme helps children to recognise ‘Friendship blockers’ and ‘Friendship builders’ and teaches them to use strategies to support them to engage appropriately and therefore develop more positive relationships.

Reading Records

In your child’s reading folder is a book, worksheet, letter ring and reading record.
We welcome you to write in the ‘home’ box in the pink reading record.
Sharing how you feel your child is getting on reading at home can help us to support your child at school.

Below are some questions that might when commenting

Comprehension Skills
Has your child:

  • Understood the story well?
  • Held a good discussion about events in the story?
  • Retold the story in detail/
  • Could they talk about the story confidently?

Did he/she:

  • Answer questions about the content?
  • Need to read again to improve understanding?
  • Need to use the pictures (if appropriate) to assist understanding?
  • Need lots of help to understand the main events?

Word Skills
Did your child:

  • Read all the words correctly?
  • Find some words difficult?
  • Try hard to work out new words?
  • Need to practice again to reinforce the words?
  • Read accurately and confidently?

Attitude and Interest
Did your child:

  • Read eagerly?
  • Enjoy the story? Why?
  • Have fantastic expression – including ‘doing the voices’?
  • Explain the text in their own words?
  • Would he/she benefit from reading again to improve fluency?

World Book Day

Thursday is World Book Day. Keep an eye out for messages from Mrs Rush!