Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday!

This week at nursery we have been continuing to discuss different countries around the world, the people and animals that live there and drawing and identifying their flags. We played a flag matching game, made planet Earth pictures and used a world map to colour and identify different countries. We have been listening to songs in some of the different languages spoken by the children in the nursery, practising some phrases and reading dual language stories.

We have been very busy playing imaginary games in the construction and home areas; building houses, dens and shops. We were pleased to get some sand for our sand tray and enjoyed measuring and pouring in the water tray. We helped to make some delicious biscuits that we all ate for snack.

We have started our forest schools again so some of us went out on a woodland adventure; played hide and seek, collected so we sticks and explored the area. We also enjoyed the snow on Thursday and a few of us went on a wintery walk to Holyrood Park.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and please post some pictures of the fun you have at home on the Learning Journals, we love to see what you’ve been up to!