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Monday 21st February – P1

Safer Internet Day

We used videos by Jessie and Friends, Digiduck and Smartie the Penguin to learn all about how to be safe while visiting the internet.

We learnt the Funny Tummy song from Jessie and Friends. This tells us that when we feel worried, sad or scared while using our devices, we should tell a grown-up.

We learnt that the internet is a place that you visit through tablets, phones, games consoles, laptops and computers. It is important to be respectful, but also apply Stranger Danger online, just as you would in person.


We learnt how our senses keep us safe

We shared ideas in 3 groups and wrote senses poems

Some people have impairments to their senses.

This means they may need help from people, animals or things to do things they want to.

Did you know about the cone that spins on some traffic crossings?

Story – my brother’s wheelchair –
My life in a wheelchair –
Wheelchair dancing –
Going to school with sight loss –

We focussed on exploring Braille this week. Exploring the book The Black Book of Colours

Check out the alphabet card here

We used the alphabet sheet to draw our names and then use split peas to create our names.


Here is our wonderful display, celebrating our unique selves! We know who each self portrait belongs to because of the colour of their eyes, skin, hair and clothes. Do you?

Check out Primary 4’s recording of the book The Same But Different Too