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Equalities Week and Internet Safety in Primary 5

It’s been a busy week in Primary 5! Tuesday, 8th of February was Safer Internet Day. We thought about our different experiences online and what advice we could share with each other if we encounter somebody not behaving properly. We realised that having respectful relationships online was very similar to those in the concrete world. We hope you like our recipe! 


It is also Equalities Week. Through drama and discourse, Primary 5 explored a range of scenarios where characters were being disrespectful about race. We shared ideas on how to approach these situations and who can help. 

Primary 5 have been talking about gender stereotypes. We identified stereotypical characteristics and discussed why these might have evolved. We reflected on how it’s okay like the things on the list for your gender, but it’s also okay not to. The issue is when people assume that everybody must like something because of their gender. Our poems reflect the complexity of individuals and their characteristics, rather than reducing them to a stereotype. We hope you enjoy reading them. 

I hope you all have a wonderful February break!

Take care,

Mrs Harrison