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Monday 7th February – P1

Last week was International Languages Week

On Tuesday we were visited by Mrs Yang, Theodora’s mum [P2], who brought in objects and told us all about the Lunar New Year.

“The lady was showing us about Chinese New Year” Corey
“We were making dragons” Emily
“We made Chinese lanterns” Ethan
“There was a monster [Nian] who was scared of red things and light and noise” Safia
“We were making red dragons to scare away the monster” Tafari
“It is the year of the Tiger” Jack

Throughout the week, we enjoyed counting to 10 in English, Spanish and Chinese. Learning to write numbers in Chinese (Mandarin) using paintbrushes was fun!

“We learned how to count in Chinese all the way up to 10” Jack
“I was drawing lines” Georgie-Lee
“We were using paint brush to colour to 10” Oskar
“We were drawing for Chinese New Year and we done all of the lanterns” Alfie

“We were playing with noodles and playing shops. Ethan wanted some food” Alfie
“Clara was making the noodles then Alfie was passing them to the boys so they could eat it with chopsticks” Corey
“The red envelopes have money in them” Mason
“Sometimes they have sweeties in them” Jack

We enjoyed investigating Chinese New Year in our play, learning how to use chopsticks, gifting red envelopes, and


We have been learning the song Lean On Me in Signalong. Below is our video!

Choosing time

Mohtada and David enjoyed continuing their learning from last week and made flags using a variety of art materials

“I made the Scotland flag and the England flag” Mohtada
“I made the English flag” David


Primary 1 enjoyed exploring the 5 senses through a fun, hands on afternoon!

“We were learning about our 5 senses and we smelled what was inside the box with our eyes closed then we had to guess what was inside it” Jack
“We were tasting and one of them was sweet and one of them was salty” Corey
“We were putting our hands in the box to feel what was inside of it and we had to guess what it was” Mason
“Sometimes the lines looked different but they were actually the same” Jack
“Optical illusions” Corey

Guess the sound

Senses song –

Senses game –

This week

It’s a busy one!
This week is Equalities Week. Primary 1 will be focussing on visible and invisible disabilities, while continuing our learning about diversity, respect and celebrating our unique selves.
Tuesday is Safer Internet Day
We will also be enjoying some fun valentines day crafts, discussing love and families!

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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic week, P1. I love your sign-along – well done!

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