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P3 Week’s Review (4th Feb 2022)

This week our Pupil of the week is Jack. He has shown he is a Successful Learner by working hard to reach high standards of achievement; and a Responsible Citizen who is always respectful and kind with everyone. Well done! 🙂


This week during our RWI lessons, we have revisit the sounds “ar” and “or”, and practiced our reading, spelling and writing of words with this sounds. You can click on each sound to practice at home too!

We also wrote a short text about a child making a cake to exercise their handwriting skills, and introduce (or increase their understanding of) the use of commas and apostrophes. We tried to recognise the verbs on it, and put special attention on the space between words, spelling and full stops too. They have done an excellent job!

We have celebrated this week the Languages Week, discussed how enriching is having different languages speakers in our everyday life, and learnt about popular meals on various countries around the world. They created posters in teams using different materials and textures (Art), wrote the recipes on different languages, and its English translation. You can find a picture of these posters below, they have worked very hard and done an amazing recreation of the meals! 🙂


We focused on the development of our understanding of the analogue clock, and the minutes hand function. We have revisited last week’s contents, and worked through activities and games the half past concept. They had a great time playing the Time Bingo!

They can practice telling the time at home if you have an analogue clock too, they will love to show you what they have learned!

During this week, we also revisited and practiced number sequencing. They worked hard to find out the rule followed on different number sequences (counting in 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s, forwards and backwards). Great job!


This Tuesday was the celebration of the Lunar New Year in many Asian countries. We had a visitor in the school that explained us the traditions around Chinese New Year celebrations.

As part of the Vietnamese Tết Festival for New Year, and following the Li Xi tradition, we created Lucky Money envelopes and gave it to a classmate to wish them luck, happiness and health for the year of the Tiger. They even wished each other Happy New Year in Vietnamese, well done everyone!

Rights Respecting School

During this week, we revisited the concepts of wants and needs, and the differences between them. We also talked about some rights (such as going to the doctor when needed, or eating healthy food) and how important is to have grown ups around that make sure they can enjoy their rights.


We practiced greetings, telling your name and age as a warm up game. Then, we continued learning the name of the colours, and improving our understanding of questions about the colour of things. Their pronunciation is improving every day! 🙂

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments or by writing to the school email and they will forward it to me.

Have a lovely weekend!
Ms Sola