Primary 7 Blog

What a start to 2022!

Primary 7 are proud to present our WWI exhibition!

Just take a look at how many different subject areas this topic allowed us to cover…

Some super progress in gymnastics (forward and backwards rolls, head and handstands, shapes and balances as well as vaulting)

We enjoyed out fiction novel and created new book covers and blurbs:

P7 thoroughly enjoyed working with WAVEparticle and give feedback on recent museum visits (war museum at Edinburgh castle and museum of Scotland Chamber Street)

We are working our way through Mental Agility – Ordering and sequencing:

Loving our new P7 jumpers:

Collaberative learning during topic work:

Outdoor learning with our P2 buddies at Holyrood Park:

Social time fun:

We are excited about LANGUAGES WEEK starting on 31st January and look forward to sharing our learning with you soon!