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P1 – Monday 17th January

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Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood is a national programme in Scotland. In Primary 1 we cover the Early Level learning experiences. Some things are taught during ‘teachable moments’ and others are taught in specific lessons. Please come and talk to staff or email the school if there is anything in the programme which you would like to discuss further.

Information for parents and carers about learning at home:
– Learning at home (English)
– Learning at home (Arabic)
– Learning at home (Mandarin)
– Learning at home (Polish)
– Learning at home (Romanian)
– Learning at home (Urdu)
– Learning at home (Gaelic)


There are 4 skills in gymnastics; Balancing, Travelling, Jumping and rolling.
This week we learnt one of the most important parts of these lessons – how to be safe. A ‘spotter‘ is someone who checks the equipment is safe and supervises the person on the equipment.

Below you can see the spotters doing brilliantly, watching their partner ready with their ‘catching hands’!

We do gymnastics on Monday afternoons and P.E games with Mr Madine on Thursday mornings. As we are not yet getting changed at school, we would advise wearing school clothes that you would be happy hanging upside down in!


Last week we learnt the letter sounds y and q/qu.
To watch the qu song, click here
To watch the y song, click here

Try writing some of these words – quit, quilt, quack, yak, yum, yes, yet, yo-yo
Remember to sound out and then blend the word.

Hearing the middle sounds is very tricky

Try playing this game at home – Balloon Phonics – CVC spelling game


This week we have been ordering and sequencing numbers. P1 did brilliantly using a variety of different equipment and now are focussing our attention to written number work, making sure that our numbers are formed correctly.

It is not unusual for children to reverse numbers. Numbers in the ‘teens’ – 19, 18, 17 are very commonly reversed as when they are said, the units number is said first and then ten comes after e.g. ‘nineteen’ becomes 91, ‘eighteen’ becomes 81. This should pass with practise


Education City

New tasks are posted every Monday. There is no final ‘deadline’ for each task, however we would expect at least 1 activity to be completed weekly.

Reading Folders

Reading folders go home on Thursdays.
You will see that there is now a worksheet in the reading bag that matches the book.
Please complete this and return it along with the book each Monday.
If you have any difficulties with this, please write a note in the pink reading record but still return the folder on Monday. Delaying the return of the book makes it difficult for the staff to rotate the books between groups. We appreciate your support this.

Talking homework

Ask a grown up…
When you were little, what did you want to achieve when you grew up?
Did you want to have a particular job?
Did you want to create something?
Did you want to travel somewhere?
Did you do it?

Share what you would like to achieve!

Here’s a story written by Tim Minchin

or try listening to it as a song, which he wrote for the musical of the book, Matilda.

Blog Feedback

Thank you to those who have replied to the previous post asking for feedback on this blog. It is so helpful to hear what you, our family and friends, would like to see in order to strengthen our community!

This week’s learning