Primary 1 Blog

Primary 1 – 17.12.21

Stained glass windows

“We were making church windows” Clara

“The church windows have pictures on them” Emily

“The windows tell stories” Clara

“We had to cut the picture out and then glue it on to the plastic then put some paper on it” Mason

Designing moving part Christmas Cards

“We had to make a design first” Corey

“We had to copy the picture we drew” Mason

“We put in a split because we need a bit to move” David

“I love my kitty cat one” Morgan

“I liked doing this” Mason

Number Recognition

“We were learning how to say the names of numbers” Corey

“Then we had to show Miss Copeland and tell her what number it is” Mason

“With Mrs McGlashan we had to roll the dice then stand on the number what it lands on” Mason

“We had to step on the number that the person tells you to stand on” Mason

Visit from Santa

“Santa gave us presents” Clara

“It was so fun meeting Santa” Tafari

Paper Chains

“We had to make circles then you put it together” Corey

“You had to make a circle then put another one through it then stick it down” Mason

“It goes up down all of our room on the lights” Tafari

End of term

Thank you for everyone’s hard work this term. Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday.

Miss Copeland, Mrs McGlashan and Miss Black