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Primary 1 – Friday 10th December

The Sleepy Shepherd

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our class in our winter show, The Sleepy Shepherd. It was lovely to have you all cheering us on. Congratulations to all the class who each had important parts – we couldn’t have done it without you! Well done.


Game –

Draw online game –

“We were learning about reflections.” Jack
“If we draw a picture we draw the same on the other side” Emily

“you have to put it on the other side too in the same place” Alfie

“Reflecting with chalk” Emily

“The line of symmetry means on the other side you have to do the same thing” David


We have been talking about the Christian celebration of advent and Christmas. We know that Christians believe that God created the world. Christingle services are a way of bringing people together. For us, it is also brilliant fine motor skill task, showing responsible and safe behaviour with sharp objects and following instructions in order.

“We were making Christingles with oranges and candies and ribbons and candles” Morgan

“The ribbon means love” Georgie-Lee

“The orange is the world” Mohtada

“God made the light – the candle” Clara

“We used 4 sticks for the 4 seasons and they are Summer, Autumn, Spring, Winter.” Ethan

“The sweeties mean all the things God made” Jack

“We had to be careful when we were doing the sharp things” Safia

“We had to be careful when we got home with the candle because when you touch fire it hurts” Mason

Ceilidh dancing with our P6 buddies

“We practised the Canadian Barn Dance in P.E” Tafari

“We were doing ceilidh dancing with primary 6s” Emily

“It was so fun!” David

“I liked doing it with Seth” Corey