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Primary 5 Homework for Thursday, 9th of December


Dear Primary 5 families, 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This is our last week of homework before the holidays. 

This week our spelling patterns are: Soft g  or sh at the end of the word.

Soft g : There are 10 spelling words to practise, however if your child already knows several, they can choose to practise the three challenge words in place of 3 they already know.

Sh: There are 10 spelling words to practise and 3 Common Words. These will change each week. There are 4 spelling tasks on the page, please choose one to complete on either the blank paper or in the homework jotter.

In place of written maths homework this week, your child will have the words to ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ by Jester Hairston on the back of their spelling sheet. Please take time to learn the words by heart. 

In the blue jotter, you will find a mental agility sheet. This week, at home and in class, we are recognising numbers as both digits and words. e.g. 563 = five hundred and sixty three. Your child will have highlighted the option they wish to practise this week. This can be done as a discussion and recording in jotters is optional.