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P1 – Friday 26th November


Try playing this fun pattern game at home

“We were doing a pattern” Jack

“We did patterns with pencils on the caterpillars” Emily

“We were putting orange orange yellow yellow to make a pattern” Clara

“Patterns repeat. It means they keep going, again and again.” Morgan

Fact Writing

“We were writing about ourselves. We were drawing ourselves” Clara

“We wrote our names” Mason

“We writed what we eat and what house we live in. These are facts about ourselves” Jack

“Handprints and footprints are tracks” Clara

Book Bug Picture Book Prize Voting

“Ted was posting an envelope full of drawings for Miss Aitken who is not feeling well” Mohtada

“We were posting which book we liked the most” Mason

“We were putting them in the post box to send them” Corey

Whiteboard Activities

“These are all the fun things you can do with a whiteboard” Jack

“We will have a whiteboard in our Bookbug Bag” Corey

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