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P1 – Monday 8th November

Library Trip

Ted and Primary 1 went on an adventure to the Edinburgh City Children’s Library. P1 were super sensible on the long walk and did some very good listening too.


Making with playdough
Drawing with pens, pencils, chalk and water bottles!
Sorting due to their properties

We’ve been busy this week!

CVC word building

Choose a card, find the blocks and then spell the word. Some groups have even played ‘Be the teacher’ and tested each other! This activity has really helped us with sounding out the letters then blending them together to read the word.

Phoning the Emergency Services

When sharing stories about Fireworks Night, Primary 1 began our topic about People Who Help Us

“Phone 999” the class says. But how?
With house phones being less popular, would your child know how to phone 999 on a locked smartphone?
With no 9 button visible, this may be trickier than it sounds.

Emergency Call Handler Bethany Tidmarsh, explained the best way to start a conversation about the subject of calling 999 is when an ambulance goes past, when they see one on TV, or even when they hear sirens.

Questions to think about

  • Do they know where the landline or mobile phone is kept in the house?
  • Do they know how to phone on a locked smartphone?
  • Do they know their home address?
  • Do they know how to unlock their door in an emergency?

Miss Aitken

We have also welcomed Miss Aitken a PGDE student at University of Edinburgh, into our P1 team. She will be supporting the class until the Christmas break.

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Warm wishes, Miss Copeland, Mrs McGlashan, Miss Aitken and Miss Black