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P2 Week in Review – 5th November

Hello all! Happy Bonfire Night and welcome to this week’s review for Primary 2.

We had a talk and a think about fireworks safety this week, creating some fireworks art with some safety advice! Here’s some of our completed work as well as work in progress.

We started to look at measure as our new maths topic. We have been looking at some standard units of measure, especially for length, but also having a go at using everyday objects as ‘non-standard’ ways to measure things. We explored ways to measure everyday objects using a range of objects like cubes, paper clips, lollipop sticks and our own hands. We continue to look at number bonds and counting on and back from numbers too.

We have started to look at non-fiction texts with ‘Who Lives Here?‘ on Active Learn. We are still looking at this online book but the children were excited for when we can read this on our Active Learn accounts at home! Alongside our work on tricky words and using our sounds, we are having a look at capital letters again. This game can be helpful to match the capitals to their lower-case letters.

Lastly, congratulations to our


for being a Responsible Citizen for always trying her best, working hard and showing kindness to her classmates and staff.