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P1 – Monday 1st November

Library Trip

Today we are going to the Edinburgh Central Children’s Library!

Remember your waterproof coat and nice strong shoes.


  • Reading folders go home on a Thursday and should return to school on Mondays please.
  • Education City is also part of P1 Homework.

Well Done to ⭐MASON⭐ who had completed all of his tasks.

  • New Education City tasks are published on Mondays each week.

Your Education City details are stuck on the inside page of your reading folder and you have all received a print out to take home. Please email admin if you need your child’s login and password.

Maths – Shape

This week we have been talking about 2D shapes. We need to know the…

  • Name of the shape
  • How many corners it has
  • Sides – Are they curved? Straight? How many are there?

Try this at home!

Water bottles/old squeezy sauce bottles are a super fun way to take our learning outside! Making shapes and letters while squeezing and making our hands strong. Not to worry if you make a mistake as the sun will dry it all up ☀️

Class Representatives

Each class in the school has a set of class representatives; pupils who represent the class for different topics. The Pupil Council will meet with Mrs Henry (Head Teacher) to make big decisions about the school.

Well done to everyone who put their name forward to be in with a chance.
Congratulations to Amina who was voted our P1 Pupil Council Representative. Big thumbs up to Jack who is our Vice Pupil Council Representative and will step in on days if Amina is not at school.

This week we will also be voting in…

  • Health and Well-Being Representative will meet with Ms Finlayson (SFL) and Mr Madine (P3) to talk about healthy brains and bodies (Health Week including Sports Day)
  • Art Representative will meet with Miss Kerr (P7) to talk about the yearly Art Gallery.

P.E – Racket skills – Tennis

Balancing and bouncing bean bags and balls! We have been strengthening our arms and core in order to hold a tennis racket. Lots of concentrating going on below… and lots of fun!

Pumpkin Art – Yayoi Kusama

Primary 1 chose to focus on pumpkins for their Halloween inspired art this week. First we listened to the story of Yayoi’s life

We then had a look at her artwork

… and had a go ourselves! We used our fine motor skills and team work to cover the pumpkins in spot stickers. We learnt how to draw a pumpkin like Yayoi. We then used kitchen rolls, Lego and fingers to print patterns for the background. Finally we used 3 different implements to create large, medium and small spots for our pumpkins. Don’t they look fabulous!

Yayoi Kusama inspired art by Primary 1

Dress Down Day

Many thanks to the Parent Council who provided each pupil with an exciting bag of Halloween Treats. A big THANK YOU thumbs up from Primary 1!

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  1. Looks like you’ve had a great week. The pumpkin art is fantastic – well done.

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