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P2 Week in Review -8th October

This week we continued to look at number bonds, adding skills and ‘number of the day’ in our Maths and Numeracy work. The children enjoyed the Ten Pin game on Education City for number bonds as well as some of the other games available to them.

We continue to work well with our sounds and tricky words, beginning to look more at our tricky words and practising these in different ways such as through Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (LSCWC). The Year 1 – Tricky Words selection in this game is a good way to practise some tricky words using LSCWC.

In our topic work we wrote about the sort of job we would like to have in a castle such as a knight, cook or prince! After our trip last Friday to Dunbar’s Close, we used leaves as material in our art work which went home this week – we really did use a lot of different materials and tools for that piece of art!

Lastly, congratulations to our


for being a Confident Individual with his super contributions in class, helping others and being sensible as well as always working to use his manners.