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Primary 2 – Homework 4th October and RSHP

General homework for 4th October 2021

Request: For our Castles work we are looking to gather in some spare cardboard. Please send in clean cardboard boxes, such as cereal boxes, or cardboard tubes as you can spare them. Thank you in advance!

Reading –  Reading books should be returning today and new books will go out on Thursday, please ensure you return your reading books on Monday 11th October.

Literacy – Look in your child’s orange homework jotter. We are focusing on handwriting as we revise our sounds. Please take some time to complete the handwriting tasks for ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘d’ and ‘s’. Can you then use your best handwriting to write 3 of the green words from:

at, mat, mad, sad, dad, sat

Maths Please let me know if you are having issues logging into Education City. There will be a Number Bonds Homework for you. Have a go at no more than two activities from the assigned homework
try the attached number bonds worksheet.

Health and Wellbeing – Remember to send in your Building Resilience Home Task for Friday the 8th of October.

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood education programme

Please find below the home learning information sheet about the Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood education programme Primary 2 will be starting shortly.

We will be focusing on relationships we make and develop, looking at our families, and how all our families are different, what makes us unique, making and having friends and what makes people alike and what makes us different (diversity). Several aspects are also covered by, or otherwise overlap with, our Building Resilience programme work.

The full programme can be found online at
Download: rshp-learning-at-home-first-level-information-for-parents-and-carers-1

8/10/21: Updated to add: We will be looking specifically at Friends and friendship parts 1-3 and My family/All our families are different. You can find the slides and activity plans linked above or the activity plans linked below: