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P2 Week in Review – 1st October

It has been Profile Jotter week this week! We have been working diligently to put our work into these jotters and look forward to eventually showing these off to you.

In Numeracy, we continue to work on numbers before, after and between as well as working on our Number of the Day. We looked at ‘missing’ numbers in addition sums too. The children enjoyed this number bonds game to help us with number facts and fluency:

We are continuing to work with Read Write Inc., reviewing our sounds, working to read and write using our sounds and to read our tricky words too. We were using our reading skills to read the words in this game and decide if they were real or fake words.

During Milk and Snack time, we looked at volcanoes in a short clip video and the class were keen we shared this video on the blog.

We also looked at this video about the Giant’s Causeway and how it was made by volcanoes. We listened to the legend of Finn McCool and his encounter with Benandonner which led to the creation of the Giant’s Causeway. The children particularly enjoyed this animated short about the story! We wrote a personal response to share our thoughts on this story about the Giant’s Causeway.

We had a look over some Spanish greetings this week, with children sharing what they knew or remembered and we practised some of these in class. Here you can hear some of our work!

We have been out this Friday, looking for signs of autumn using most of our senses, please look forward to seeing those photos next week!

Finally, to our Star of the Week!

Congratulations to our


for being a Responsible Citizen and always working to be respectful, being kind and using her good manners!