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Homework 27th September

We start homework this week! We have a Building Resilience homework assigned this week which can come in for the 8th of October, the Literacy and Maths homework should be completed for this Thursday, the 30th of September.

General homework for 27th September 2021

Reading –  Reading books will go out on Thursday, please ensure you return your reading books on Monday 4th October.

Literacy – Look in your child’s orange homework jotter. This week your child has been asked to ‘Be the Teacher‘ with their sounds with you. Take a couple of minutes each night to test each other on the consonants in the Speed Sounds Chart on the first page. Encourage your child to say the sounds and ‘be the teacher’ with you. Take turns in pointing to the different letters and using their sound. This video can help you with the sounds.

Maths – Please try to log in to Education City. There will be a Homework for you. Have a go at no more than two activities from the assigned homework.
The log in information for both Education City and Active Learn should be on the inside cover of your child’s orange homework jotter.

A guide to logging in to both sites should be in your child’s homework pack. If you have any issues logging in please let Mrs Aylward know. An electronic version of the guides can be found here:

Health and Wellbeing – Building Resilience.

We are all likely to experience ups and downs in life. We can’t always predict what
life throws at us. However there are things that can help us to deal with challenges
and setbacks, and even learn and grow as a result.

In this unit, we are covering:
– Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life
– Resilient people cope better with difficulties
– I can learn to be more resilient

We start the Be Resilient unit this term. Please complete the Home Task to be handed in by the 8th of October.

Home Task First Level (P2–P4)
Think about someone that inspires you – perhaps a parent, your class teacher,
grandma or a neighbour (or a character from a book or film, or someone famous).
Find out about a time they found challenging and what they did to overcome it.
What things did they do to help them cope? Create a poster with the ideas you come
up with.

Here are the electronic files for this Home Task, one is a leaflet overview for parents and the other file is the Home Task as described above.