Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday

This week at nursery we have been reading the story Shark in the dark, talking about transport and the transition to school. We have discussed what sharks like to eat and how that compares to what we like. We have talked about what makes us feel frightened and how we find support to feel better.

We enjoyed making and writing our own amazing stories, drawing and discussing the holidays we have been on, making boats for the water tray, drawing different modes of transport and sea creatures exploring their features and their natural environment. We have been driving around on our nursery road and exploring ways to stay safe when travelling. We experimented with pouring and filling in the water tray and catching fish and we enjoyed some fun messy sensory play.

We have been building stages and performing our own dance moves, helped make some yummy banana cakes for snack and some fun play dough. We are still enjoying doing the wake up shake up exercise video in the mornings and helped to make a thank you video for the primary 5s. We have enjoyed playing in the sunshine in the garden, on our forest school adventure and at the park. Our pre-schoolers finished their passports to primary school this week and are getting excited about their transition to school!

Thank you so much for all your lovely posts on the Learning Journals, please continue to post pictures as we love to see all the fun things you are doing at home! Please contact us if you need any support to do this.