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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the excellent work and play taking place in the nursery each week. This week we have been reading the story Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson. We have been discussing what makes a good friend and how we can help each other, practising our counting and drawing some of the shapes and patterns in the story. We have been exploring transport making lovely pictures of cars, trains and boats, driving our recycled box cars around our own nursery road and discussing how to stay safe on the road. We enjoyed learning about pirates and made some pirate flags and treasure maps. We have been building stages for dancing and bridges to balance on. We made a school in our house corners and we have been playing lots of fun games wearing school uniforms, practicing our writing, doing homework and being both teachers and students. We helped make some yummy birthday cakes and scones for snack and some cool pink playdough to play with. We have enjoyed playing in the sunshine in the garden, riding on our bikes, building tyre towers, practising our throwing and having picnic snacks. Our pre-schoolers continued working on their passports for primary 1, reading The Smeds and The Smoos, visiting their new classroom in the school and exploring the playground.

Thank you for continuing to post your lovely pictures on to the Learning Journals, we love seeing all the fun you are having at home. Please keep posting and contact us if you need help with this. Have a great weekend!