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Monday 14th June

JASS Awards

  • Tomasz worked tirelessly to make the tallest tower he could using a whopping 469 pieces of Lego for his My Interests section of JASS. Fantastic job, Tomasz!
  • Shayaan wanted to make a house with as many rooms as he could out of Lego. He had a Living room with tv, kitchen with oven and table, 3 bedrooms for his dad, sister and himself, even a workout area and garden! Wow! So much detail here.

White JASS awards were awarded to…

Leon, Rayad, Tomasz and Shayaan this week! Congratulations!

Living Things

Today we introduced grouping things into living and non-living. We further divided non-living into ‘once lived’ (dead) and never lived.
Have a go at sorting the objects at home by playing the game here
Here are some photos from our walk!

Story Creating

We have been analysing the story Brontorina. You can listen to it here.
We used lots of adjectives to describe the main character, Brontorina Apatosaurus.

Then we drew the beginning, middle and end of the story.

We then went on to create our own character. We used lots of adjectives to describe it.

After that, we made used our character to make up a story with a beginning, middle and end.

This week, we will be making our stories into books!

Home learning

Maths – We will be revising measure this week. Have a go at measuring using a ruler and these height/weight/length games

Reading – Thank you for supporting your child in their reading development this year. The books will now be kept at school ready for next year. Please, if you have any school books hiding at home, we would love to have them back at school! Remember you can always access ORT books using their free online library here

Education City – Very soon, your next class teacher will be having a look at your scores, so make sure you have completed your tasks…

Tricky words – See if you can watch this video and shout out the word when Miss Copeland shows them to you slowly or if you want a challenge, see if you can do it quickly!

Sounds – Try using these flashcards to check your vowel digraphs (ee, igh, oo) and consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th). Do you know them all?

This week’s learning