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Primary 2 Week in Review

Our plants continue to grow this week and the children are very keen to take their radishes home soon! Apparently they should be ready after 4 weeks when they are about 2 cm in diameter. They were planted on the 2nd of June as a guideline.

We started to look at ‘grouping’ and ‘sharing’ as part of division this week, having a go at making even groups out in the playground or seeing if we could share counters equally between 2, 3 or 4. We enjoyed working with this game for some of our division practise:

For our literacy we continue to look at the pattern of adding ing to the end of words (verbs) with this time our focus being on words ending with ‘e‘.

While we are exploring poetry this week the children particularly enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen’s Boogy Woogy Buggy read by the poet!

We also enjoyed looking at the layout of poems and how we can combine bits of art techniques here.

As a follow-up to our Generation Science work on sound we made some lollipop stick harmonicas! They really show off the vibration that sound makes to make noise.

We also had a look out for the partial solar eclipse on Thursday which was happening in Edinburgh. We enjoyed thinking about eclipses and the children liked this video about solar eclipses:

You might find this online news article useful as a review of what happened.

Primary 2 were the proud winners of the Worry Monster competition! We won a shot at the blocks in the Hall for our efforts!

Well done Primary 2 for all your work and effort! See you next week!