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Primary 2 Week in Review

In our Literacy, we have started to look at what happens to verbs when we add ‘ing‘ to them. There are several rules but this week we looked more at those words where there is no change to the verb when we add on ‘ing.’ We had a go at looking at the patterns with this game:

In our Money work we continue to work on making amounts of money and working out change. We made mini wallets and have been tracking what we have been spending from an ‘allowance’ this week. You may enjoy this game about change:

In our Living Things topic this week we continued to look at features of living things in our art work and experimented with different materials to create reptiles, fish and amphibians.

We have also started to grow seeds in the classroom in preparation for planting in our planter. These have already started to sprout! The class are keen to help feed the school fish too and we will continue to look at looking after living things in our topic work.

Lastly, as part of Mrs Jessop’s competition we have started working on a class Worry Monster! Here’s where we are so far with our builders almost finished making our monster. We also had a go at designing our own Worry Monsters!

Next week is Health Week! We look forward to seeing you from Tuesday next week! Have a lovely long weekend!