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RSHP Week Commencing 17th May- My Body is Changing

This week we will have two sessions on RSHP on Tuesday. The first session we will continue to look at Friends and Friendship (full details of what is covered can be found on a previous blog post) and in the second section we will look at ‘My Body is Changing’.

The children are working on the topic of my body. They are learning about how their body changes with puberty. To help the children understand puberty’s main changes, they have been learning about menstruation (a girl having their period) and about erections/wet dreams. We learn about these things now so that children understand that they do not need to worry about the changes that will happen. The children are being encouraged to speak to a trusted adult if they have any questions or worries. If you would like to help your child continue their learning at home, you may find the following books and websites useful.
This is a good article to read yourself or with your child:

The local library should be able to get these books for you:

Usborne Facts of Life: Growing Up ISBN-10: 0746031424

What’s Happening to Me (Girls Edition) Facts of Life (Usborne ISBN-10: 0746069952) also available digitally ISBN-10: 0746069952

What’s Happening to Me (Boys) Facts of Life (Usborne ISBN-10: 0746076630)

if you wish to look over the resources which will be used in class please follow the link below and navigate to the ‘Part 2: My Body is Changing (inc. Menstruation)’ and under Friends and Friendship ‘Part 2: Making and Keeping Friends’.

If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mr McPheely