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Primary 1 – Week Beginning 17.5.21


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Gymnastics has risks, and we are learning to reduce and manage these risks. We all know that Miss Copeland’s instructions keep us safe and when we prove that we can be safe, we can add more challenge! This week, we learned how to ‘spot’ for each other. A spotters job is to make sure the equipment is ready and to watch and catch them if needed. We also learned how to land safely (knees bent and arms straight out in front. We can all perform a straight jump!

You may wish to wear trousers or shorts under your skirts/dresses on Wednesdays and Fridays

Worry Monsters

A Worry Monster likes to eat worries. You can draw your worry, write it down or ask an adult to write it down. Feed it to your monster and it will gobble it up! We enjoyed getting super creative (and very messy) decorating our worry monsters. Thank you to the Equalities Group for the challenge!


We had a live session with Lizzy from Lapworth Museum of Geology in Birmingham. She showed us Roary, their allosaurus, along with fossilised poo, footprints, the backplate of a Stegosaurus, a sabertoothed tiger and a maiasaura skull!

*We had a few technical issues during our session, so Lizzy wants to try and join us again on another day!* You can also check our their YouTube page

You can check out some of the artefacts on this virtual 3d platform

We enjoyed being archaeologists and brushing off hidden bones

Wow! Our dinosaurs went on so many different adventures over the weekend. I can see some of you researched all about your dinosaurs and some have used your imagination and creativity to look after them! Super job P1!


This week we were matching the correct coin to the price of the item. We also learnt the names of all of the coins. We have to be careful with our 1p and £1 coins. Some pupils know that £1 is the same as 100p.

We also set up a shop where you pay with dot cards. Some pupils noticed that you could combine the dot cards to pay for an item e.g. 1+2+2 = 5.
Next week we will be replacing these dot cards with 1p, 2p and 5p coins, aiming to add the coins together to pay for an item.

On Thursday and Friday we were revising Greater Alligator. Would he rather eat four lots of 1p coins or one 5p coin? Watch the video below to remind yourself about what he likes to eat…

Another plant update

Theodora has also been taking super care of her plant! Remember to send your photos to admin if you want to share them on the blog.

Have a great week!
Miss Copeland, Mrs B and Mrs McGlashan