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Primary 2 Week in Review

Welcome back to our Weekly Review in Primary 2, we hope those of you celebrating Eid have had a lovely few days!

Maths and Literacy

We continue to explores how we use money by making amounts using exact coins and we have started to explore giving change. We have been running a shop in class to have a go at being a shopkeeper and shoppers to work out our change. is a game you might be able to play to practise giving exact amounts or working out change.

In Literacy, we have been looking at the ‘soft g’ pattern dge. We continue to work on our sounds and tricky words work and we really spent some time practising our handwriting and those descender letters that go below the line such as ‘g’ which are tricky! We enjoyed some of the free games on spellzone for our pattern:


We went out to explore for some plants, insects and other living things in our local area this week. We also collected some fallen foliage for our Living Things topic art. This time we were thinking about plants and insects.

We explored sound and pitch with some Generation Science work this week! We made ‘seagull squawkers’ and ‘squirrel shakers’ to explore the sounds they make as well as develop our understanding of pitch and how vibrations make sounds.

Have a lovely weekend and remember to have fun! We look forward to seeing you next week.

Mrs Aylward