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Primary 2 Week in Review

Hello all! A brief update this week due to the short week!

We took some time to look at where we use capital letters in our writing aside from the start and end of sentences! We created some passports for ourselves to use capital letters with ‘proper nouns’ and specifically the names of places and months!

We are continuing to work with money and ways to make specific amounts. We are thinking of other ways to make up things like fifty pence and trying to remember that we need to use only coins to do this.

We continue our Living Things work by thinking of features of living things (such as movement, growth and needing to breathe) as well as how we categorise them. We had a go a making some birds and mammals using feathers and felt to try and show these different types of living things.

Lastly we braved the playground to see what living things we could find, especially plants. We did find a few insects in our searching and had a good look at the flowers outside the east door before we went home!

Last but not least, the office ladies have been so impressed with Primary 2 this week that we earned a shot at the blocks!