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Friday 7th May

Your Pet Dinosaur

We have been learning how to care for animals. We learnt about puppies and how they are baby dogs. They need lots of looking after. They need to go to the vet, have food bowls, water bowls, you need to pick up their poo, they need lots of walks etc.
Today everyone has taken home a pet dinosaur to care for. Remember: 3 house points for returning the dinosaur and 3 house points for returning a diary on Monday.
The video shows what you could put in the jotter. Don’t worry, it does not have to be totally filled! It was the smallest jotter we had available.

Be creative, be imaginative, be researchers, be palaeontologists but have fun 🦖 😃

Next week, we will be beginning our learning about pregnancy and looking after a baby. CLICK HERE to see the RSHP learning we follow.


Here are the words from this week. There is a new task on Education City to help you revise the /ow/ for brown sound. (Apologies – the oi/oy work is now on Education City too – It hadn’t scheduled properly)


Gymnastics is in the hall on Wednesdays and outside on Fridays.
Girls may wish to wear trousers on these days or shorts underneath skirts/dresses.

There are 4 components to gymnastics: Jumping, rolling, travelling and balancing.

This week we have been working on travelling and balancing. We found lots of different ways to travel, inspired by animals. We can balance if we have 1 body part touching the floor, or 3 or 4 or 5!

Plant update

Leon has emailed in some photos of the plant he took home before Easter that he has been caring for. WOW! This is a sunflower. It is growing very tall! If you would like to share an update on your plant, email your photos to

Have a great weekend!

Miss Copeland