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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday, where we showcase the excellent work and play taking place in the nursery each week. This week we have been focussing on the book Teeny Weeny Tadpoles so we have been learning about the life cycle of frogs and continuing to talk about the different stages of life for lots of animals. We used messy play to explore the feeling of frogspawn, played with shaving foam and experimented in the water tray. We used a magnifying glass to examine the tiny insects that frogs eat, talked about what our favourite foods are and the different tastes and textures of fruit and vegetables. We explored how frogs move at different stages of their life cycle and even made bouncing frogs on lily pads. We used lots of materials to create amazing masks, cool cars and plates of our favourite food. We did some brilliant writing and talked about all the letters of the alphabet, naming things that start with each letter. We made playdough animals and pizzas, helped make some yummy cupcakes for snack, did some animal puzzles, played with the small world castle and farm and showed off our gross motor skills in the soft play! We were busy builders in our construction area, hammering, measuring and building trains. We enjoyed a little bit of sunshine in the garden, riding bikes, climbing, jumping and building.

We look forward to seeing you back after the long weekend on Wednesday the 5th of May. Please keep posting your wonderful pictures on the Learning Journals and contact us if you need any help to do so.