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Primary 2 Week in Review and Termly Descriptor

Please find linked below the Termly Descriptor for Primary 2.

This is the plan for learning to the end of June in Primary 2.
If you have any questions, as ever, please don’t hesitate to send an email to the admin account for the attention of Mrs Aylward


We are looking at ‘soft g’ this week, where ‘g‘ makes the ‘j‘ sound! The free games on this site show off the difference between the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ g we have been practising.


We were looking at paying the correct amount of money with coins this week, making sure we were confident we could identify all our coins! We did some coin rubbings and some coin rubbing art to help us become more confident at recognising the different coins we can use here in the UK.

Art and Topic

We looked at the art technique of pointillism this week and practised the technique before making some pictures of our own inspired by the work of George Seurat.

We have also started to look at what living things are, thinking about things that are alive, that used to be alive and never lived. We worked to categorise different ‘things’ into these three categories and are thinking about what makes something ‘alive’.

Last but not least, we were sharing things about Space we were interested in! Well done to everyone for sharing!