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Primary 1 – 30.4.21 – Our Week!

Phonics – oi vowel digraph – oi for turquoise

If the sound is in the middle of the word we use oi like c-oi-n
If the sound is at the end of the word we use oy like b-oy

Check Education City for the revision task šŸ™‚

Maths – Money

What would you do if you had a million pounds?

Sorting coins
How many different ways can you sort coins?
Take a pile of coins – sort them using their size, colour, shape and the number that is on them.

Play this coin sorting game

Did you know that the number on the coin is the value of it? One 2p coin is worth the same as two 1p coins. Some children find this concept tricky. We will be working on this next week.


We start by finding out what we already know

We then had a chat about what the class wants to learn so we can cover this information in lessons.

A dinosaur came to school!

See the dinosaur that made all the mess, here >

Some children decided to look in all of the books to see if they could find out more about the dinosaur who visited us. Some made posters to tell the other children that there is a dinosaur about!

Looking after eggs

We learnt how to look after an egg so we kept the box warm by putting it on a pillow and wrapping it in a blanket. We learnt about all the different living things that hatch from eggs and had a go at following some videos to draw these things. We then created a piece of art showing our knowledge of all of these hatching creatures inspired by the book Am I Yours? by Alex Latimer.

Water Display

Here’s last term’s topic – water! It is in the corridor for all the children to see.

Generation Science

Generation Science couldn’t come to our school but they made lots of videos for us to follow. On Monday, we had lots of fun learning about vibrations and sound. We made two musical instruments: a seagull squawker and a squirrel shaker.