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The Teeny Tiny Tadpole

Week beginning 26/04/21
The story this week’s learning in the nursery will be based around is:
The Teeny Weeny tadpole by Sheridan Cain

Join Frank the frog for Comic yoga

Sing along to Little green frog.

The children will be exploring the movement of tadpoles and frogs. Ask your child to show you how a tadpole wriggles through the water and a frog hops over ground.

The children will experience the texture of frog spawn through their sensory play. Encourage your child to describe textures of everyday items.

The children will talk about the sequence of the lifecycle of the frog. Chat to your child about the different stages the tadpole has to go through before he becomes a frog Encourage your child to draw pictures of tadpoles, froglets and frogs.