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WB 26.4.21 – Primary 1


  • Education City – This week your homework is the Money – Week 1. I have cleared everyone’s pages and made revision folders. Complete these in your own time.
  • Tricky words – have a go at playing this game at home to help with your tricky word spelling. Tricky words are the words that cannot be sounded out (c-a-t = cat) such as i-z = is or m-ee = me or th-uh = the. (Note: There is a 10 second advert before you can play)
  • Reading – Reading books and homework will go home on Thursday as per normal. Please return the folder on Wednesday when we are back to school. You can read a range of stage books for free on the Oxford Old eBook Library.

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Earth Day

This week we were learning about what we can do to look after our planet, Earth.

We each made a poster…

…and we even marked it ourselves

We made bug hotels to earn our Me and My World JASS award.

If you enjoyed this, Backyard Nature have lots of fun activities on their website and YouTube page .

Block Play Reward

Primary 1 were chosen to use the block play this week for walking sensibly and quietly through the school. We had so much fun making aeroplanes, the floor is lava, houses and Godzilla! We also have to take care lifting it out of the cupboards and sort it before putting it back. Super team work!


We are starting our new topic of money. This topic is very big! Your child may know that we use money to pay for things but not that coins are worth different amounts. Your child may be able to give you change but not know where we keep money. Below are some questions to think about as a family.

  • Where is a safe place to keep money? (In banks, under beds, in pockets, in purses/wallets, in bags)
  • Where do we get money? How do we get money?
  • Where can we buy things from? (in shops using self check-out, check outs, online)
  • What ways can we pay? (coins, notes, cards, phones)
  • What colour are the coins?
  • Does a bigger size mean more money?
  • What is a pound sign? (£) and what does that mean? How much is £1 in pence?
  • Do we have to give the exact amount of money? (we are given back change)
  • Can you give me the 1p/10p/£1 coin?
  • Can you count out 4p/9p/25p/£1.25?
  • If I buy something that is 10p and I give you 20p how much change will I get?

Best wishes,
Miss Copeland, Mrs B and Mrs McGlashan