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Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Lessons

This term we will start to cover the RSHP (relationships, sexual health and parenthood) programme in school. To start the children are working on the topic of my body. They will be learning about how their body changes with puberty. All children will learn about menstruation (a girl having their period), about changes in emotions with puberty, about keeping their body healthy and about personal hygiene. The learning activities will help the child build a positive relationship with their body. They will also
learn the correct names for male and female genitals and learn about the reproductive organs, so that we can learn in later lessons about how babies are made, pregnancy and birth.

The full progression including the lesson plans and materials can be found here. We will post updates on what will be covered weekly, to allow you to view the materials in advance if you wish to do so.

Below is an information letter outlining the aims and content of the programme.