Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday!

It’s Fantastic Friday again, where we showcase the brilliant work and play taking place in the nursery and at home each week! We have had a lovely week getting ready for the Easter holidays, we have been reading the book Rabbits Don’t Lay Eggs and discussing how all animals have individual skills, talking about our own unique abilities, where different animals live and the patterns and sounds of language. We enjoyed Easter egg hunts in the garden, making yummy chocolate crispy cakes and talking about how some of us will celebrate Easter. We have enjoyed playing out in the sunshine on our bikes, in the mud, building amazing structures, going out on walks in the local area and planting wheat, raspberries, strawberries and sunflowers.

We had fun making Easter playdough in the shape of different animals, nests and dens using sticks and blankets, we wrote our own signs to put up around the nursery, painted lovely colourful pictures, made sheep with cotton wool, fairies, butterflies and lovely Easter baskets with recycled materials. We had messy fun with shaving foam and played and experimented with letters in the water trays.

We hope you enjoy your holiday and we will see you again in two weeks, on Tuesday the 20th of April. Please post some photos of the fun activities you do while on holiday on the Learning Journals!