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Week commencing 19th April in P3

back! I hope you had a lovely break! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Here’s your homework for the next 2 weeks:

I would love to see more of your fabulous writing. I thought this picture would give you lots of ideas…

These questions might help you to get started!


+ Where do you think the baby hatched?

+ Why is the girl looking after it?

+ Where are they and where are they going to go next?

+ Why are they on their own?

+ What happened?

+ What will happen next?

Remember to add as much

as possible! Can you remember your writing targets? You might need to focus on Capital letters & full stops. You might need to add a connective or try not to start every sentence the same way! GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN!

to hear them all in class!

I hope you are looking forward to seeing our April highlights next week!

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    1. Hello Victoria! Thank you so very much for your lovely, thoughtful cards to everyone! Khadija and you were very kind!

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