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Primary 7 Homework for Thursday 18th of March

Welcome back Primary 7! This week we are celebrating Science Week, which will be reflected in your homework task.


Choose one task from the grid attached to help you practise your spelling patterns this week. 

On Friday, we will design and create a poster for the Science Week competition. The title for the poster is: Innovating for the Future. 

During the week, you may want to start to think about this theme and start some research for the content. Here is some information about the competition theme to give you inspiration:

To research your poster

Investigate and imagine ‘Innovating for the future’ and everything that makes it special. Here are some topic ideas to get you started:

1) Think about your own innovation– from inventing your own toy that you want to share with your friends to a useful machine that will help your family or the whole world! How will it change the ways of play, sports and leisure, entertainment, communications, work, or even school?

2) Feeling futuristic and global? Why not think about an innovation – new ideas, inventions, products or services we have never heard before that would make the world
a better place?

3) Do you know someone who is an awesome innovator? Try to showcase their innovations and reflect on how this person’s innovations impacted the lives of many.

4) Everyday innovations can be easily overlooked. Identify common innovations that you use daily and give a thought on how your life would be without them.

On Friday, we will create our posters. If you find something that you really want to use for your poster, bring it with you to help inspire you! 

As always, any questions, please just ask me.