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Primary 2 Week in Review

Welcome back to the end of another week!

Our Space topic work dominated this week as we continued to look at the solar system and finish our solar system work. We looked at a lot of facts about our solar system. Most of us finished our solar system are too which you can see below (please look forward to the rest!)

In Literacy, we continued with our magic e pattern looking at the ‘u magic e’ pattern after revising the ‘oo‘ and ‘ew‘ sounds. We worked well to use ‘u_e‘ sound patterns in games and written work and we revised some more of our tricky words too. We are thinking about how we join with ‘o’ too.

In our Maths we continue to ‘show’ the time – using our own clocks and writing out the digital form of the time and the words for ‘half past’ and ‘o’clock.’ We are thinking about some of our routines – when we do things and continue to estimate the time of some of the things we do. We used this game to practise matching the time on an analogue clock to the words for the time shown. We continue to think about our Number of the Day.

We have been working on outdoor games in P.E. and we were working with basketballs to develop our passing and throwing skills as well as to track our team members.

Lastly, as part of our International Women’s Day work we looked at some famous women who helped to change the world and thought about what we would like to do or become to change the world! We had lots of budding scientists and nurses and doctors as well as some other aspirations from the class.

We look forward to next week when everyone will be back in school! Have a lovely weekend all and see you next week!