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The Rainbow fish

     The story this week’s learning in the nursery will be based around is:

                         The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

                                Squish the fish cosmic yoga

                                 Join in with this emotions song

We  will be talking about our feelings.                                                                    The children will discuss ways of expressing their feelings and find the right words to help them describe how they feel. Pretend with your child to be happy, sad …   Talk about their expressions, are they smiling, frowning?                                                                                

The children will look at sorting objects by different criteria. They will play games that involve matching and sorting items by colour, shape and size. Ask your child to collect red objects, round objects…

The children will be encouraged to retell the story in their play. The children can make puppets and props to retell the story and create their own stories. Encourage your child to draw pictures of the characters to help them retell the story.