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Primary 1 – Week Beginning 8.3.21

Homework – Reading and JASS

Thank you to those who returned their reading folders today and those who have emailed and returned their JASS sheets. The JASS sheets need to be returned or emailed to by Monday 15th March please. No need to print photos – simply email to admin and we can print them at school.

If you are not sure what to do, please contact school ASAP so that we can help you. We want all pupils to earn their certificates!

If you completed some JASS activities during home learning, you can use these same activities/photos.  The pupil needs to complete the task mostly on their own so that they can be proud of it. More ideas: a 500 piece puzzle, 10 origami animals, sewing/knitting, draw/paint by numbers picture.

JASS – My Interests – Show and Tell

  • Luara made a brilliant fact file all about elephants
  • Andy made 13 origami animals
  • Eyad made 10 different paper fruits


Homework – Education City

Last week we introduced the consonant digraph ng. Watch the videos below to remind yourself of the actions.

I have set you 2 new tasks in the Homework section of Education City labelled WB 8.3.21.

Tricky Words

Practising your tricky words at home will make a big difference.

Or try the super fast version!

Or listen to the song below

Science – Solids, Liquids and Gas

Did you know that bubbles are a gas inside a liquid? Water, ice and steam are all forms of water but in different ‘states’. When water boils it becomes water vapour – a gas. Sometimes you can’t see a gas, but you can smell it… When water freezes it becomes a solid and when it melts to goes back to being a liquid!

At home When boiling the kettle, looking at the clouds, or if someone accidentally burps, discuss gasses!

If you want to make some bubble cubes click the link below for the instructions!


This was a BIG HIT this week! Watch the instruction video below to see the recipe. Add the water very slowly to the cornflour. Is it a solid? Is it a liquid?


As part of our JASS:Get Active, Stay Active, we are doing a 30 minute session of karate on a Friday. We do stretching, balancing and breathing. We say the ninja code and wear our ninja wrist bands so we know that anything we learn in karate stays in karate.

Tree of Hope Display

Click the images below to zoom in and read what P1 are missing and what makes P1 hopeful

If you wish to see what we will be getting up to this week, see the link below

Have a great week!

Miss Copeland