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P2 Homework 8th March

General homework for 8th March 2021

Literacy – Look in your child’s homework jotter for their spelling homework this week. There is a task for their tricky words and for our sounds pattern this week – we continue to look at ‘magic e’ and look at the ‘oo’ and ‘ew’ sounds to go with ‘u magic e’.
Maths – There is a worksheet in your child’s homework this week about when we usually do certain activities. Please return this with the literacy work by Thursday.
We are looking more at time words this week as we continue to work on reading and showing the time. Have a discussion about routines and when certain activities tend to happen (such as shopping, lunch or dinner) and maybe even look at a calendar to see if there are upcoming events like birthdays to be aware of!
Reading – Reading books will go home this week on Thursday to return next week on Monday. Reading books will not go out where a book has not been returned.